Ville Crawl Delights

I don’t know about other college kids, but Swarthmore students love Hall Crawls. Every dorm picks a drink and the hall travels from room to room sampling different cocktails. A group of kids (myself included)who live off campus  decided that just because we want to escape dorm life, doesn’t mean we should sacrifice one of it’s best perks, so we arranged to have a Ville Crawl, to all of our apartments.

One thing led to another, and tastey tapas style bites were added to the plan. I jumped at the opportunity to make fun little snacks. With the help of my roommates (photos taken by Ming), we were pleased to offer Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Goat Cheese, Onion/Fennel Jam, and Dijon Phyllo Triangles, and Ginger Snap Ice Cream Sandwiches (Not Pictured.) Ming was our master bartender and made her deadly Berry and Citrus Spritzer.

I don’t really have recipes to give you for any of the snacks served, because it all stop and go type creative process. However, I will tell you that I used 8 cippolini onions and 1 large bulb of fennel (and a handful of its fronds), cane sugar, salt, and pepper to make the jam. Also, please try Anna’s ginger thins as the cookie for an ice cream sandwich if you ever want to dazzle friends in the easiest way possible.

Here are some pics. Note our newly acquired monogrammed napkins. Oh, and as a PSA type thing. I used a cleaned out salsa jar for my jam (not expiration date in photo), but I knew I was using it the next day so I didn’t boil it or anything like that. SANITIZE if you want to have your jam for a while. Thanks (love ff&f management).


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  1. most delicious/loved award
    from a taste-tester, ville-crawler

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