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Here’s AMY!

Amy Sedaris is my hero/muse/bestfriend/spiritual advisor. She has great rapport with David Letterman and is always a riot on his show. Here is her most recent appearance of May 21. Her dress is HILARIOUS.  I hate to say this publicly, but I may have to see Dance Flick to watch her as the dance instructor. 


Update!!!! I didn’t realize I missed her in October 08. I actually saw her then on her softcover book tour around the same time, so that’s pretty depressing. THIS VIDEO IS AMAZING! She is sensational.


A post for raw vegan grandma

Employment is difficult to find this summer. Cooking gigs fell through, people aren’t hiring, and I’m unqualified for most positions.  Undeterred, I will continue to search for the $. A few days ago, my search brought me to a new organic market in East Boca, called Fourth Generation. A cute and approachable grocer with lots of interesting prepared foods. Their selection of raw vegan items is unmatched. While the raw vegan enchilada with raw sweet potato “tortilla” was tempting, at 9 am I figured I should go with something more reasonable: DESSERT. So, I picked out this gem…


What is it? No, it’s not a small scoop of smoked whitefish or already chewed matzoh and horseradish. It’s a raw vegan lemon and anise macaroon. Fourth Generation offers up 4 different varieties, including a mysteriously green “brain” flavor. I am not usually a fan of the RV (i got tired of saying raw vegan… oh shoot!) desserts, and this macaroon was sort of not an exception. The texture was a bit too gummy for my liking. However, the combination of lemon and anise with the subtle sweetness of coconut was surprisingly delicious. It’s pretty rare that a food item leaves me unsure of whether or not it was good. Despite the quandary, I will certainly be heading back to Fourth Generation.

Want to try out the anise/lemon/ideas combo for yourself. Here is my waspy fantasy of an idea…

A pot of Anisey Tea (often teas designated to help soothe the throat have a lot of licorice root in it. I know Yogi brand makes one)

Some slices of lemon

Real Macaroons

A group of well-dressed ladies who lunch


Set up a cute tea set and brew some tea (might I recommend Put a lemon slice in each cup. Pour out tea. Sip tea. Munch on macaroons. Talk about Tibby’s recent gaffe at the charity ball and Sandee’s ugly divorce.

UP… or down?

I love Pixar, but was a little surprised by UP. To be clear, I thought the movie was decent and the concept cute/whimsical. The story continued Pixar’s representation of (over)development as a cruel condition of modernity, which was cool and I think awesome in children’s films. I just was not expecting the long-drawn montage in the beginning (I will withhold the details for those who haven’t seen it.) Suffice to say, I felt that it made it a much more sad/contemplative film, than the previews suggested. Not necessarily bad, just different and potentially unwanted. I definitely hope Coraline is still on track to win the Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards, despite Pixar’s reputation and UP’s hype. 

If anyone sees it and reads this blog (an unlikely combination), I’d love to hear what you thought.

Cooking Technique #1: Criss-Cross Scoring

Scoring is an awesome technique in cooking. I first learned of scoring from some tv chef preparing duck breasts. The fatty side of the meat is scored to allow the fat to render nicely. Scoring also works perfectly for mangos and avocado to make quick and easy chunks for fruit salads and guacamole.

This post is dedicated to the fun possibilities of scoring eggplant and includes two fun recipes.

A while back, my family went out for sushi and my dad had this delicious appetizer of roasted (though I suspect wok fried) eggplant with a ginger miso glaze. Forgetting the miso, I tried to replicate it for dinner a few nights ago. Will update when miso version is conceived.

Ginger Soy Eggplant

1 Big ole’ Eggplant

Grated Ginger

Grated Garlic

Soy Sauce


Sesame Oil


Score the eggplant with the hand-dandy criss-cross method. Coat with vegetable oil and then top with the sauce. Roast at 375 until tender. Sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds for some interesting texture. Makes a delicious side for pork. 

This is a picture of the eggplant before the oven. 



Scored Eggplant Recipe 2: Scored Eggplant Pasta

1 Big Eggplant

Any Pasta Shape 

Crumbled Goat Cheese

Cherry Tomatoes

Fresh Basil

Reduced Balsamic Vinegar (Just heat up some good Balsamic, until nice and syrupy)

Olive Oil 



Score eggplant, coat with olive oil, and season with s & p. Roast in 375 oven until tender. Scoop out the chunks. Toss with hot cooked pasta, tomatoes, goat cheese, a little bit of the pasta water (to help make a sauce), and some more olive oil. Sprinkle ripped basil and drizzle a little bit of the Balsamic Syrup on each serving. (grilled chicken would be nice with this as well, but totally not necessary.)

Class comes in pairs…

These two distinguished Australian ladies have much to share with girls who aspire to “get to know” musicians. 

*Warning* The girls use extremely coarse language and the video has discussions of sexual intimacy. I, for one, read the whole dialogue as a metaphor for the banality of pop culture. Actually, thats a lie. They are a bit trashy. What makes the video hilarious, is how much their vocabulary reminds me of Ja’mie King from Summer Heights High (if she stayed at public school and became skanky.) If you haven’t seen Summer Heights High, please do. I’ll include a clip of the lovely Ja’mie to tempt you.

The Twin Groupies

The Incomparable Ja’mie

Bummer for gay and rights lovers everywhere.

Prop 8 was upheld today by the California Supreme Court. At least the existing marriages have to be recognized (is that a silver lining?). 

If you have the time, read Justice Moreno’s dissenting opinion. I find it to be a compelling response to the revision/amendment argument put forward by the majority.

Expect more upbeat/food-related posts in a bit…

What the Cher

chervegas6 This is a picture from Cher’s new show in Vegas. ummm…


and here is Bea Arthur playing Cher…